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Finally! Official video for the song "Stay Ukrainian." Look here!

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"Zalyshaysja Ukraintsem" on TV


June 14, 2012 in Kharkiv TV "OTB" was officially presented a demonstration movie clip "Zalyshaisja Ukraintsem". Ruslan Krynycya told in detail about the creative path, shooting video. This process was more than a year, there were many stops in the creative process. Maybe not everyone can appreciate all the work 100 percent, not discount the many obstacles that prevented the group work and crew, but it came to TV and it comes to heart care. This Ukrainian music! We have much to be proud of! "Zalyshaysja Ukraintsem" - a typical, bright example of Ukrainian rock style.

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From "Morose Months Of Melancholy" to "Chysta Krynycya". Сreative way


In 2000's first project on which work started with Ruslan Krynycya (vocals, drums) and Vladimir Galaida (guitar), was "Bad Dreams", later "Dead Dreams", which eventually evolved into "Morose Months Of Melancholy ". Captured Metal culture, they started writing her own songs at once, wearing leather jackets, which was done with rivets inscription "Dead Dreams". Mayhem, Enslaved, Immortal, Bathory, Burzum and other groups inspired to create their own music. And in 2004 released their first album called "Voices of virgin forests," which was recorded on tape recorder, a tape recorder with a computer.

Discography "Morose Months Of Melancholy":

1. "Voices of virgin forests" (2004)
2. "In the ruins of the churches" (2005)
3. "Time of the National Revival" [part 1] (2005)
4. "National Revival Time" [part 2] (2005)
5. "Dawn" (2005)
6. "Anti-Jewish terror" (2006)
7. "Idols" (2007)

And it was only the beginning of work: from 2005 Ruslan Krynycya acquainted with Tim Hresvelh (keyboards). At this time, the idea of a new group, new music for the musicians - it was like to find themselves. "Chysta Krynycya" have created a "garage" conditions for recording the first album: rented garage, buy cheap music instruments. Most of the equipment was set up manually, but it does not interfere with work, because at that time it seemed incredibly cool.

The album was decided to write as follows: drums recorded on tape, to tape a few microphones were connected to the removal of plates and the same drum and barrel recorded through the column, which served as a great microphone. Then this record drums with tapes copied to your computer and all other instruments recorded in the line. The first song, the first melody, the first lyrics of the group - is "V Nashim Serci Ukraina" ("Ukraine in our heart"). This song is constantly heard in concert as the band's anthem, because it is rooted Chysta Krynycya.

Previous members of the group:

Eugene "Hell" - vocals; (2005-2007);
Dmitry - bass (2005-2007);
"Leksamor" - vocals (2007, recording the album did not participate);
Den "Svarg" - bass (2007-2010);
Marina "Adel" - vocals (2009-2010).

Session musicians
Elena - vocals; (2005);
Julia - violin, (2012).

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