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The first concert in Kharkov club "Bastion". History


Club "Bastion" appeared in Kharkiv about 2006. He was on the streets of Poltavskiy Shljah 196, near the park "Youth". The road that led to the club accompanied looks gloomy trees, and the entrance to the club was like an abandoned and forgotten place.

But it was enough just to open the front door - opened a large space full of Gothic and deserted atmosphere. Previously, it was a summer theater, but nobody remembers the days when he worked.
  October 7, 2006 the group "Chysta Krynycya" held their first concert here. Apparatus and sound left much to be desired, but at that time it did not care for the atmosphere and the people are incredibly inspiring. This performance left no small mark on the soul.

 "Chysta Krynycya" decided to recall those times and organized a visit to the club. Of course, and remember the day when the club was closed: the host club could not find the funds to keep him, unfortunately. Therefore, the band knew that he was going to go to the ruins of the past.


 Bar with cheap beer, coffee tables and many rooms. All this can now be recognized only among the debris.
  There were two scenes - summer and winter. The vast amount of time here arranged Gothic Party. Xenia (bass guitar) recalled alcohol times when the Gothic subculture after all were in the club at night. The owner of the club with the woman slept like the dead, but this time those who have not slept - ravaged bar.

And Ruslan Krynycya told that the bar was at makeup room and when people bought beer near our makeup room, said, "Oh, Chysta Krynycya?, We come to you!" Although everything was organized at garage level, it was the spirit of rebellion - is the most expensive times when the band began work. A particularly important that the group did not have to get used for recording the first album and the first rehearsal took it in the garage.

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 When creativity is gaining momentum with each album the band is all better, changing rehearsal studio and sound - we want to go back to the times when there was no understanding of "professionalism" when I was your only rebellious spirit and all.
  This time, when the truth of your soul - it's your music without mixing, no extra tracks and processing. This is a genuine music!

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