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12.07.2013 - FOLK LYPEN` FEST (II)



Participants of the festival:
CHYSTA KRYNYCYA [Ukrainian Metal]
ARGENTUM [Arg-metal]
СВЕНТОЯР [Slavonic Metal]
HASPYD [National metal]
July 12 at 19:00
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Geroyiv Pratsi, 2A
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Photographer - Ruslan Gilyuk

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Krynycyansky authentism. Photo 2013



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Photographer - Ruslan Gilyuk

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Clip "IMPERION." Concept. History.



Clip in abandoned place - among the devastation and atmospheric desert ... This is the elevator in Kharkov, in the street Krasnoarmeyskaya.

The clip begins with a conversation: it was recorded the voice of the woman who works part near the elevators on the dictaphone.
Recording took place only because the crew messed up home-warehouse premises with security, but not in vain: she clearly said that the defense did not give permission to shoot, because this area is dangerous and is in disrepair. The conversation came to that filming is not the place. The same day it was decided yet somehow agree with the most secure, but the conversation ended as anything, because at any time could come check owner who bought the elevator, and then emerged to big problems.
Only the call until the owner was addressed this situation: "Shoot ... But if something falls on your head - your problems ..."
The next day was collected three cars with instruments and hardware and the shooting was started.

As already mentioned, the entire area is in disrepair because the owner has warned that the highest position the elevator climb is not necessary. And, in general, if you look at his kind - is creepy. That is why the party had to withdraw just singing because it was too risky.


This clip has a clearly pronounced synonym of creative protest. This act of art, modern apotheosis is conscientious and awful, but in a nutshell - it is smiling grotesque.
The focus is covered with darkness elevator. He seemed a lonely castle, quietly died. And to emphasize the present, show the death mask of modernity - was selected this place. Giant-granary demonstrates his steadfastness and silent cry of soul greatness as the building of soviet man on the bones of history.
At the beginning of the song and it appears apotheosis with the creative side is adamant walls and grandeur. A song lyric emphasizes that "someone came from the pages of" ... Greatness, creative apotheosis of buildings was left the rest cry of the soul broke out - "Here death!"

The meaning is revealed in the refrain: "Building an empire in his soul, we risk getting into heretics" ...
When we are building an empire of our inner world, claiming our way, our vision of the world, there is always a risk to human criticism of another world, thus becoming for her enemy, heretic in her eyes, not like others.
To give a solid estimate to "Imperion" should be studied the clip: what was meant in a fragment of a painted face on the wall? Hardly anyone start thinking, because it is weightless 2 second clip. But this is one of the manifestations of minimalist grotesque when a smiling face tricky mocks everything that was happening, showing total indifference.
"Imperion" - is understanding of man as creator of his inner world, and the empire, which adopted in a strong soul.

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Elevator. Shooting а video "Imperion"


In the region of the South railway station, not far from the Palace of Sports "Lokomotiv", there is an abandoned enterprise, striking with its size. It is located in the street Krasnoarmeyskaya. Perhaps it is one of the largest neglected instalation in the city of Kharkiv - eerie giant attached to railway station. You needn't approach this building to be impressed by its size, it strikes you, even when you are passing by. However, not all of them are easy to get into. The most affordable, but also the most insecure - a skeleton building made of reinforced concrete slabs. You can easily get to the top floor, which offers a good view of the center of Kharkov and the nearby industrial park. It is necessary to be very careful there, because all floors are damaged. They are a lot of holes, you can easily get into. Therefore, you can only walk on the joint of plates, where they are the most durable. Pay attention to the short passages leading from the stairs to the storeys of the building. The floor there is made of metal, which is held "on parole of honor". Its better to jump it over or not to take risks, being content only with the visit to the top floor. Sometimes there is no walls here either, that would be unpleasant for those who is afraid of heights.

The building made of red brick is particularly interesting. There are lots of stories and lots of rooms where sometimes you can find a lot of interesting things. The door, which is the only entry in, propped up with the railway sleeper. But with a little effort, the obstacle can be easily removed. It`s necessarily need a powerful flashlight, otherwise you will not see anything and you can get hurt in the dark. Sometimes it is quite scary, because it seems as if wandering in a maze in the dark, and you can meet a "surprise" around a corner. This sense is stirred up by the permanent strange creaking of windows, the wind whistling in the windows and the dripping of water. The latter creates also a "sense of presence", as if someone walks behind heels and watching every step and movement. It is interesting that after so many years there is a lot of scrap metal, residues of different devices, even many windows are not broken. And if we take the concept of such structures, it turns out that there must be hundreds of meters underground communications.

In the ruin of this enterprise we had the idea to make a video for the song from the new, not yet released album of 2013.

There was an Elevator in this place long before the revolution (it is mentioned in someone's memoirs of the Civil War), but it was completely destroyed during the war, i.e. main buildings are the post-war. As a result of explosion there happened a fire in 1993-1994. On the windowsill of the children's hospital in Muranova street after the explosion there were a layer of flour per centimeter. The elevator is not used since 1995, and in 2008 began dismantling. Where once it was possible to reach an agreement with security guards for a bottle of vodka, but now, after it was purchased, there is a private security company, you shouldn`t even approach. After permission for shooting the video, the band started to work. All equipment was manually dragged into a dark brick building. And for a special shooting Ruslan Krynycya risen to the highest point of the building, from which nearly the whole city is visible.

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