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  Statement by members of the "Chysta Krynytsya" on the recent events

We appeal to Ukrainian, to thinking people.
Latest events - the wound on the heart of Ukraine and .. step to the freedom, a step to liberation from the clutches of the accursed enslavement of Ukrainian people by the soviet occupiers. Yes, it is a struggle against the five-pointed star that hangs over each one, in 1991 the fight only was begining and is not finished yet, it is a struggle for the Ukrainian nation. Kyiv was sprinkled by the blood of our brothers.. blood is everywhere.. blood all over the children of Ukraine..
It is hard on the heart..

We can not forget what happened .. The crimes against their own people should be punished the cruellest way, no forgiveness to murderers and executioners!

To sacrifice was not vain we need to:
- Clean the abomination from political seats, those ho had levers in power and performed anti-Ukrainian policy - lustration simply necessary
- Any separatist statements should be punished the hardest way
- Any application of the new government should have national control of execution because such politicians and their pseudo statements we do not need
- Populism should be eradicated
- Responsibility for their words and actions
- People control in decision-making by the new government, control over benefits of received for the Ukrainian nation
- eradicated corruption as we see examples of coalescence of the criminal with the authorities for many years
- Corruption should disappear anywhere: schools, kindergartens, universities, hospitals, all government structures, etc.
- Equality before the law of Ukraine should used from the beginning of the new authorities: no escorts, no overlapped roads, no arrogant attitude, etc.

Failure to do so may mean only that the power was changed, but do not change a rotten system..

Many have a fear that the new government will not bring anything new , that the faces will be changed but everything remains as it is ..

Rage of the people can pull down also this government as any other .. politicians should remember this every day..

Taras Shevchenko "Haydamaky":
" Ukraine was hubbubing,
A long time was hubbubing,
A vary long time across the steppes
was flowing - blushing. "

In connection with the situation in our country, we, a group "Chysta Krynytsya" support the people's righteous anger against the government and the opposition! Our country and our hearts poured blood, but not in vain - for the future! Eternal memory those who died in the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine!

But in spite of everything, we continue to record an album with the new composition of the group , also are preparing to make a presentation of new songs 5 April in Kharkiv. Even in case of emergency in Ukraine, our festival "Svarohova Kuznia Metal Fest" will still take place.

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Pagan Metal Tour (Abolished)


The concert has been canceled due to the political instability in Ukraine.

Participants of the festival:
Chysta Krynycya [Kharkov, Ukraine]
MYSTERIA MORTIS [Комсомольськ-на-Амурі, Russia]
РУЯН [Набережні Човни, Russia]
WARTHA [Мінськ, Belarus]


March 7 at 18:00
Ukraine, Kharkov, ul. Darwin 9 str.


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Chysta Krynycya - "Imperion" (Urban Single 2013)


Download "Chysta Krynycya - "Imperion" (Urban Single 2013)"

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Chysta Krynycya - Imperion (official urban video 2013)



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12.07.2013 - FOLK LYPEN` FEST (II)



Participants of the festival:
CHYSTA KRYNYCYA [Ukrainian Metal]
ARGENTUM [Arg-metal]
СВЕНТОЯР [Slavonic Metal]
HASPYD [National metal]
July 12 at 19:00
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Geroyiv Pratsi, 2A
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Photographer - Ruslan Gilyuk

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