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 The time has come for news from "Chysta Krynycya":
Since 2017, we are actively working in our studio "KRYNYCYA RECORDS". Separately, I spent several photo sessions and filmed the whole process on video.
I want to say that we have gathered a lot of unpublished archives.
That is why it was decided to collect everything in a documentary film and devote our creative path and a new album, which will be released in 2018, and will be called "THE CHURCH OF NATURE". For the new album, we plan to collect about 30 songs and choose the best.
The documentary will consist of five parts:
1. "Path";
2.Shooting "Stay Ukrainian";
3. Imperion pictures;
4. "Pearl of the West";
5. "The Way to the Temple of Nature".
In the movie you will see everything that has been filming since 2004. Everything that has survived to this day. And also, We'll show you how to work on a new album.
Posted news and made it easier. So much time has passed. And so much more ahead...

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Copyright by Chysta Krynycya 2012. All rights reserved.


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