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Welcome to the official merchandise of "Chysta Krynycya". To all fans of Pagan, Folk, Black Metal genre worth listening to "Chysta Krynycya" and, if desired, order the production of this musical group.
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Official metal merchandise


T-shirt provided by the "Chysta Krynycya" - "Zalyshaisya Ukrajintsem"
Perfect quality, size L, looks like black metal band shirts, here we use national symbols in a frame, with interesting variations and framing. T-shirt designed in the ideological style of the band «Chysta Krynycya»:

Thus, buying this shirt, you get a great black metal merch, decorated in traditional style, original and unique underground black metal shirt.



1) "Destiny", 2008 CD (Blasphemous Terror Records, Germany)

"Sche ne vmerla Ukrainy nі slava nі volja."(excerpt from the Ukrainian national anthem). That's how you want to start this review. Such great material I have not heard. Recently, more and more envious of our neighbors because of the fact that they exist as original and distinctive groups with their unique national features. "Chysta Krynycya" - one of these groups. Some may wince his nose and say, "Yes because they are fascists, nationalists, and so on." But these people want to ask one question, but did love their country is bad? I think not. Similarly, certain members think "Chysta Krynycya" And they argue for its excellent lyrics and beautiful music. Do listen to the album, love their work? Decide for yourself. I think that the participants' "Chysta Krynycya" is not weaving bucks, so everybody likes. Personally for me the album "Destiny"("Dolya") was one of the favorite, and listen to it I'll be back very very often.
P.S . In the beginning I wrote that I envy our neighbors about the teams. But not only so. Briefly justify, because of what I still envy them. And I envy them for what they have is that recently most people in Belarus categorically confused: it's pride for their country, proud of their language, and, ultimately, pride in themselves. And this is somehow painful to the heart and soul. (http://dark-world.ru)

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2) "Symphony Of Life", 2011 CD (More Hate Productions, Russia)

After the first two albums and a split disc, Chysta Krynycya final polish its unique style, which today represents a batch of pieces and cast a furious black metal, and very atmospheric and melodic lines, modern gothic scene close, all this is based on the basis of folk metal. (http://blackcd.ru)

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